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GVS Construction is working in cooperation with businesses such as Leinad Development, which specialises in obtaining business visas for its clients in Australia.


We help overseas investors obtain sponsorship for permanent residency through real estate investment and development.  


  • Real estate project distribution in Australia for Vietnamese: Real estate Villas, Townhouses, Apartments, Commercial Real Estate in Perth

  • Investment advice for Vietnamese businesses that want to expand project investments into the Australian market: Can buy potential projects or contribute capital or create new projects. We provide services such as finding good projects, legal advice, estimating, designing & building and distributing projects.

  • Consult the investment packages & settled in Australia

  • Linking networks and promoting two-way trade between Vietnamese businesses & Australia

Through this business partnership with Leinad, GVS aims to bring quality real estate investment opportunities to Vietnamese and other international investors. 

Investment Opportunities - Vietnamese

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